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Hey, did you know I have a new book out? (Ha!)

It's called 'The OMG! Blog', and was written for Barrington Stoke books, who also published'Candy Girl', 'Running From The Rainbow', 'Sweetness and Lies', 'The Girl With The Sunshine Smile' and last year's 'Honey and Me'.

All the authors and illustrators who work for Barrington Stoke have a real fondness for them; they're properly inclusive, making quick read books for confident readers, which just happen to be specially edited and produced so they're accessible to anyone with dyslexia too*.

Have a peek at 'The OMG! Blog' here...

And look out too for more new books from me AND a new-look website, coming very, VERY soon...

Karen McCombie :c)  

* Seems like it's cat-friendly too... 


Talk to me

'Angels Next Door' - a must for all humans

Posted 16 December 2014 Filed under Talk to me comments 0

Hi Karen, I've read 'Angels Next Door' and 'Angels in Training'. These two books were amazing! The characters were described so vividly, and I could imagine them very clearly. I love your ideas of stories. They are so genuine, yet creative. I recommend this book to all who want to become writers, or any girl who wants to be considered human, Karen, you are an amazing author and I am truly inspired.    

From your #1 fan, Kat Angels  xt Door - A must for al people who want to be authors or any girl who wants to be considered human.

Fan Reviews

My book for little dudes!

Posted 25 September 2014 Filed under Fan Reviews comments 0

Yes, I'm cheating AGAIN! (See 'Talk To Me'). I'm temporarily hijacking* the 'Reviews' section to shout out about my young readers book 'When The Tooth Fairy Forgot'. If any of you have little bruvs, sisses, cuzzes, this might make a nice prezzle for them!

* I've got SO many books out this year there's no space to fit them all at the top of my homepage!

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